2023 Spring Polo Season
March 3 - May 7

The Experience

Join us for an exciting, action-packed afternoon of polo and experience a professional sport unlike any other! From the skill and athleticism of the players, to the power and agility of the thundering hooves they ride, to the enthusiasm of the crowd around you, you're sure to fall in love watching this legendary sport.


Know The Game


If you’re new to the sport of polo and looking for a quick lesson to get you up to speed, we’ve compiled the basics to help get you started. LEARN MORE

POLO 101

Prior to every season we host a free class lead by one of our polo professionals to teach you all about the game, as well as play a practice match to introduce you to the sport. LEARN MORE


Whether you’re looking to learn to play the sport of polo or just looking to learn how to ride a pony, we have certified instructors ready to teach you. LEARN MORE


The Villages Polo Club offers a wonderfully unique venue for hosting Corporate and social Events.

The covered Pavilion with its beautiful views, offers a versatile venue for endless types of events. Contract a Customized Polo Match, Personalize a Group Polo Lesson; host concerts, dinners, luncheons or bar-be-ques.

The opportunities are limitless with all of our sites and venues. From Charity Fundraiser Polo Marches to a Family Reunion Dinner, let The Villages Polo Club be the extraordinary destination for your event.